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Founded in 2012 by Harold Whaley. Harold was the Vice President of Strategic Planning of the American Basketball Association. Harold now is named CEO of ABA Sports Realty Group/Seat Biz.

Mission Statement:


Our mission is to provide quality sports entertainment in Western Michigan while benefiting our community. We strive to represent the American Basketball League (ABA) with class and integrity. As Lake Hawks, our goal is to positively inspire our community through sound business practices and enjoyable and competitive sports displays.


With our community behind us full force, it is important to the Lake Hawks that we give back. It is our continued goal to enrich the lives of student athletes throughout West Michigan by providing skills pertinent to life development along with opportunities to further their education and develop themselves through the game of basketball. A major goal of this organization is to assist student athletes in becoming valuable and valued contributors within their communities.


What We Do:


The West Michigan Lake Hawks organization offers a professional sports franchise with NBA caliber players on a local level. Our home games are focused toward providing a safe environment for fans, big and small. In the past, visiting teams have praised our commitment and professionalism. Our season schedule runs October through March, leaving visiting teams the opportunity to see Muskegon once tourism has slowed. We bring those that aren’t from the area in to put on a great show, and we also understand that their attendance assists with expanding the region’s economy. Whether our visitors are purchasing fuel, food or general items, it is our goal to continue to help our economy grow for many years.


With the proper support, the Lake Hawks are here to stay. Continuing to represent the face of professional basketball throughout the Muskegon area, we plan to continue drawing basketball fans together within and outside of our community in order to build a fan base. In doing so, we also plan on helping raise support for local business during their off-peak time.


Along with helping to build our community and it’s economy, it is our goal to help drive down crime by providing the youth with a sense of pride and alternatives to daily mischief. It is important that we show them that they have something they can look forward to, such as possibly joining a team of players that relate to them when they are eligible.

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